Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What is the most effective way to communicate?
There are many different ways of communication, but which one is the most effective? We all have our own opinion for efficient or quick ways to make contact with other people and I am hoping to decide which one I would personally prefer to use.
We all know about the ability to make a telephone call to somebody, which could be the quickest way to contact somebody, you don’t have to wait for it to turn on, you don’t have to type your whole message and having a conversation on a phone becomes a lot more personal but does that make it the most efficient? Making a telephone call can restrict you to certain areas and signal can prevent you making some calls, so unless you’re in a real emergency where 999 is needed, making a phone call cannot always be as efficient and easy as you would expect. 
                                                                                  1983 Motorola DynaTAC 8000X
  As technology has progressed we all now have much more access to mobile communication technology. We therefore now have the ability to send texts, while these are also restricted by signal problems occasionally it has took over the way people have conversations with each other. It allows people to easily contact one another, with popular shortened words and the capability of Predictive Text, which is great for quickly telling somebody something important and you can simply have a conversation without having to shout over people or interrupt a conversation by discreetly replying.
  However I feel that texting has took over the way we communicate but sending a text isn’t useful if your trying to contact someone professionally, I think that if we need to give a message to a company or if we apply for a job we always refer back to ways such as emails or even letters, which still have their use. 

  A letter is a hard copy of something which can’t be deleted and can be copied and presented in many ways, to give them an individual content, a letter can be sent to a child, or the boss of a big company and still have the effect you want it to just due to presentation. Although an email may not seem as fast or easy, they can be sent and you don’t have to worry about them not getting received, or not having signal to send, it is still a free, effective way of getting something you want to say to someone across as good as anything else could.
   I did mention how I feel these ways of communication can take a way a large personal part of communicating, maybe if its long distance and you miss that person, a text doesn’t really get that across as well as a phone call,
and a phone call can’t get it across like a Skype call. Skype allows us to sit at a computer and talk out loud to a person on the other side of the world, as though they were in the same room. This may not mean we can pick up the phone and do this as quickly as any other methods, but has revolutionised the way we can communicate and is the most effective way to have a long conversation with someone and make it mean something. 
  I don’t think that you could possibly choose a most effective way of communication with all of this to take into account. If you need to quickly tell someone something give them a call, you can even give someone a ring if you have a long conversation, catch up without having to wait for long replies. If you’re stuck in a loud busy place, have a short message to send someone, a text message is ideal, or if you have some important information to share that doesn’t need an instant reply, send an email to that person, maybe even a letter to make it formal. Or you could go home and have a Skype conversation with someone on your street or in another country as easy as that, and if it comes to it, you could arrange a meeting with someone and communicate in what I think is the best way, in person.

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